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01 November 2010

Happy 1974

I've been conducting a fun little project over the past 6 months.  I went and looked around at all the bands I knew about or had a few songs or an album or two from, especially the older heavy metal stuff, and built a list of all the years on which they released albums (thank you Wikipedia!).  Then I started at the first year I had, 1968, and bought all the albums I lacked from that year.  Each month, I move forward another year.

I've really enjoyed the Black Sabbath and ZZ Top, but Deep Purple and The Who are starting to get on my nerves.  This month is 1974, so I bought the following:

Deep Purple: Burn
Deep Purple: Stormbringer
(seriously? two in one year? how high could that quality possibly be?)
Judas Priest: Rocka Rolla

OK, full disclosure, I skipped the Deep Purple.  I played samples on Amazon and decided I'd rather have the $20 than the albums.  They have a few songs I really like, but there's a pretty big percentage that makes me want to break a window with my body.  That raises the total cost of those $10 albums quite a bit.

Rocka Rolla is Judas Priest's first album, and the first JP album I've ever owned.  I know later on in their career Rob Halford's voice is going to drive me crazy, but right now it's interesting to hear them in their debut form.  I like to hear the original recordings of huge bands before they were huge, and compare the sound to what they evolved into.

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