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04 December 2011

Happy 1985

It is 1985 in the Year-a-Month project, and I'm pretty late this month: I blame Skyrim. As with previous months, I dropped Pantera due to high-priced glam-rock transgressions. Just as well - I didn't need any more disappointments this month. The surprise from Megadeth made it all worth it, though - I had no idea how hard they rocked in 1985. Everyone else... well, maybe 1986 will be better.

Accept: Metal Heart - This album by Accept alternately reminded me of AC/DC and the Scorpions. That is not entirely a good thing, as both bands can really get on my nerves. I hope this is just a phase they're going through.
Anthrax: Spreading the Disease - I bought Persistance of Time back when it was newly released, and liked it well enough. But many of the songs felt too similar to each other and ultimately it fell off of my frequent play list. I'm sorry to say that this album is destined for the same fate, and for the same reasons. I listened to it while doing some work at the computer at home, and when it finished I realized I had no idea which song was which.

Dio: Sacred Heart - This Dio album is a little softer than the first two, and frankly reminds me more of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow than Holy Diver. It was also Dio's last album to go gold until Dio's 2009 greatest hits album. I hope this doesn't mean the quality is destined to suffer in the years (months) to come.
Megadeth: Killing is my Business ... and Business is Good - Dave Mustaine started Megadeth after getting fired from Metallica in 1983, immediately before their first album, Kill 'Em All, came out. He wrote the lead guitar leads that Kirk Hammett played on that album, and left very pissed off and bitter about it. If it was a pissed-off Mustaine that masterminded this first album by Megadeth, then I for one think we ought to twist his nipples on an annual basis. This album beats the hell out of Kill 'Em All, and that's not something I ever thought I would say. In an otherwise mostly disappointing month, it's nice to have Megadeth.

Overkill: Feel the Fire - I threw Overkill into this list on a whim, based on enjoying their latest album, Ironbound. This first offering is certainly more primitive, but I can hear the beginnings of the sound that I'm familiar with from Ironbound. I wouldn't say it was a groundbreaking album, but I have to admit my head did some banging anyway.
ZZ Top: Afterburner - this album could also be titled Generator, as in cash. This sad excuse for an album is nothing more than an attempt by ZZ Top to cash in further on the success of its previous album. I kept finding myself reaching for the "Next" button on the MP3 player on this one.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some Megadeth to listen to again.


  1. Was this your first experience with Megadeth? IMHO, the albums get better and better. So Far, So Good, So What is my personal favorite. I believe the year was 1987 or 88, so you'll have to wait a bit. However, Peace Sells But Who's Buying is coming your way shortly.....I think you'll be pleased.

  2. I also have the more recent Youthanasia and The World Needs A Hero. They're both good, but not as good as this first one. The nice thing about taking so long to get these CDs ordered and listened to this month is that I don't have to wait long for 1986!

  3. I expect ridicule. I like Karen Carpenter and Eva Cassidy.

    A long time I liked Grand Funk Railroad and Black Sabbath. (on LP)