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23 February 2013

Happy 1995, part 2

There was a long list of artists in 1995, so I split them up into two groups. Last month, I covered Maiden, Ozzy, Anthrax, and Filter. This month, we conclude 1995 with a foray into a couple of new bands, and more of the same from Motorhead.

Deftones: Adrenaline - Just like Filter last month, this is not metal. It's firmly in the "Alternative Rock" category, but it's good music to program to. I first found the Deftones after falling in love with The Matrix, buying the soundtrack, and then going out and buying albums from most of the artists on the soundtrack. Consequently, I have the next release, Around the Fur, so we won't be hearing from the Deftones on this blog until I cover the year 2000.

Acid King: Zoroaster - this is the first "stoner metal" album I have ever heard, so I didn't really know what to expect. It turns out that "stoner metal" means, at least to Acid King, a heavy baseline, distorted guitars, and a raggedy-voiced singer. Sounds good to me! This is also the first album I've downloaded for free (and legally) using the Freegal music service that I have access to as a member of the Poudre River Public Library district. Free music is good.

Motorhead: Sacrifice - I have a really hard time finding new things to say about Motorhead every couple of months. These guys' sound doesn't really change much from album to album, and I find them disappearing into the background when I listen to them while I work. This is not a bad thing, necessarily, and I keep them on the list because I do like their formula. I've gotten some flak for including Motorhead and not Kiss or AC/DC, and it really just comes down to my own personal taste.

There was also supposed to be a new stoner-metal band called Mushroomhead in this group, but I couldn't find their eponymous album for less than $28. Not willing to spend that much money on a band without ever hearing them before, I'll skip their 1995 debut album. Reminds me of the early Pantera days.

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