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18 October 2010

Assorted Trades

Iron Condor
On Friday, I decided to add a little up-side protection to my December Iron Condor.  I'm trying to act when delta starts getting out of whack, and after a few days of stock market rallies the Dec IC was looking at a delta of about -20.  Sadly I can't be more precise on this because I forgot to jot it down (mental hand-slap).  Anyway, I decided the adjustment that made the most sense was to buy a Dec 760 call.  With my IC strikes at 610/620/770/780, this puts the naked-long call just one strike below my short call.  This adjustment brought my delta up to about +4 as of now, and didn't hurt the theta too much - still nearly 21.  It cost me 9.50, which is a big chunk of change, but I expect it to be the only upside adjustment I'll need to make to this position.

Until I come up with a better solution than Excel, unfortunately I can only display value-at-expiry.  Trust me when I say that current portfolio value is a lot curvier and much more attractive than this.

QQQQ Collar
Also on Friday, my October covered call on QQQQ as part of the collar trade expired in the money and I was assigned on the call.  Pursuant to the rules I set forth in September, I bought QQQQ back this morning at 51.50 and sold calls against it with a strike price of 53 for 56c.  Here are those rules again, since I keep having to search Facebook Notes for the numbers:

1. Monthly calls to be about 3%, and no less than 2.5%, out of the money.
2. 6-month put to be 8% out of the money.
3. No rolling prior to expiry.

Gold Leverage
I am still long-term bullish on gold, and I express that by being long GLD, GDX, and AEM.  I also currently have some Dec calls on GLD that are so profitable that I have sold off enough to cover my original investment and the remainder are worth almost twice what I paid for the whole stack.  Nevertheless, I'm becoming concerned with the borderline irrational expectations for QE2 lately, so I'm ready to take some profits.  I started working a fairly distant sell order on the rest of my GLD calls this morning.  Hopefully it will reach my target price and I'll exit there, but I also have a time limit on this trade; I'll exit when that time limit expires regardless of the price action.

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