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05 December 2010

Happy 1975

It's 1975 this month in my "year a month" project, and my band list yields:

Black Sabbath: Sabotage
Deep Purple: Come Taste the Band
Rainbow: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
The Who: The Who by Numbers
ZZ Top: Fandango!

This month is kind of a loser, though.  Mid-way through last month I used the Sabbath album to round out free shipping on an unrelated Amazon purchase.  The Deep Purple album just sucks, so I didn't get that one.  I had high hopes for Rainbow, seeing as how it is the debut album for one of Ronnie James Dio's earliest projects (let us not speak of Elf).  I was already familiar with Man on the Silver Mountain, and hoped the rest of the album would be just like it, but sadly no... didn't get that one either.  The Who by Numbers is a bit of a step up from some of their early pop-filled discs, but not quite what I'm looking for; I may pick it up someday, but not today.  Behind Blue Eyes is a big standout on this album, but of course we already have that one from the Greatest Hits album we picked up some years back.

Thank goodness for ZZ Top, or this month would be a complete bust.  This early ZZ Top is right on the edge of my blues tolerance, but if I'm in the right mood it's perfect.  I dig the live versions of a few of the songs at the end - they pulled out a few more stops live than they did in the studio.  I've never seen them live, but I certainly would if the chance came along.

Maybe the nicest part is that I had a $5 Amazon MP3 credit sitting around, and that is coincidentally the price of this album.

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