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19 January 2011

Utah Skiing, Day 2

This is Day 2 of my January 2011 Utah Ski Trip.  For Day 1 and a brief intro, see yesterday's post.

Day 2: Alta
Having left our skis at the Deep Powder House in Alta for a tune-up, John and I were locked-in to another day at Alta.  Gee darn, what a shame.  Jerry came with us.  Today the camera angle problem is solved, so a lot more scenery is visible when I ski.  Unfortunately there is still a lot of wobble, and I kept forgetting to tuck the safety fastener up under the goggle strap, so there is also a fair amount of clicking and clacking.

This is my Utah-based editing masterpiece.  I held my head as steady as possible on the way up the Supreme Chair, which at over 10 minutes is a pretty slow chair.  I then sped the video up by 6x and suppressed the sound.  It actually came out pretty well, despite the stone-age video tools and shocking lack of skills I had to work with.

Although I definitely solved the camera-angle problem, I found a new one when I watched Day 2's video: the camera placement against my helmet wasn't very secure, so the slightest vibration rendered the video unwatchably jumpy.  A lot of good footage was ruined by that problem, but this top-to-bottom down Supreme was pretty steady except for the tree side-trip.

Raw Video for Day 2

1: Full Supreme Chair Ride
2: First Top-to-Bottom Attempt (aborted in the trees after a pocket malfunction)
3: Sugarloaf, above Extrovert
4: Trees on Lower Sugarloaf (very jumpy)
5: Scenery shot, trying to capture the snow-bow from Sugarloaf chair
6: Sugarloaf to Supreme transfer (very jumpy)
7: Top-to-Bottom that made the cut
8: Slow Ride through Lower Devil's Castle trees
9: Collins-to-Goldminer run, lengthy

(7/24/2011: I have removed the raw video from Google Document storage.  If you would like a copy of a specific video, let me know.)

Next: Day 3

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