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20 January 2011

Utah Skiing, Day 3

This is Day 3 of my January 2011 Utah Ski Trip.  Previous days are here:
Day 3: Solitude
Everyone likes a little variety, so we headed on over to Solitude, located in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It was a bitter cold -5 F when we arrived, but warmed up all day, finishing at a balmy 16 F or so by the time we left.  I tried to solve the wobbly camera problem by moving the camera around on my helmet and jumping up and down, checking to see if I could hear or feel it wobble.  Unfortunately, this moving the camera around caused it to tilt some, so some of the videos are not very straight.  This is harder to detect than you might expect, though, since there are no straight or flat lines on a ski slope.

After watching videos from days 1 & 2 on facebook, my wife demanded more scenery and more speed.  This video was designed to satisfy the second request.  We took Solitude's Challenger run, which is a groomed black run (kind of an oddity) off of the Eagle Express chair.  Since it was first thing in the morning, and no one appeared to be on the mountain but us, we opened up the throttle.

Sometimes John and Jerry take less-than-challenging routes.  When they do that, I jump into the trees to up the ante a little.  This run was between Gary's Glade and Olympia off of Eagle Express.

Somewhere near the bottom of the Summit chair, I saw my shadow in front of me, and was distracted thinking of how my viewers would get to see me instead of everything else.  I paid immediately.

Raw Video for Day 3

1: Below Eagle Express chair
2: High-speed Challenger run
3: Scenery shot from top of Summit chair
4: Summit chair easy stuff
5: Gate near top of Summit chair
6: Lost opportunity in Honeycomb Canyon
7: Honeycomb Canyon, lower gate
8: Tree-dancing off Eagle Express
9: Much better run in Honeycomb Canyon
10: Very short tree run, no idea where

(7/24/2011: I have removed the raw video from Google Document storage.  If you would like a copy of a specific video, let me know.)

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