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02 April 2011

Happy 1978

In my ongoing year-a-month project, April is 1978.  Things are really starting to happen now, and this was a great year.  Sadly I haven't heard three of the five on the list yet, because Amazon is unable to ship for free at the speed of light.  Bummer.

Judas Priest: Stained Class
Rainbow: Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
Black Sabbath: Never Say Die!
Ted Nugent: Weekend Warriors
ZZ Top: Tejas - actually 1977, leftover for free shipping reasons from last month

Due to shipping issues mentioned above, I've only listened to Stained Class and LLRnR.  But both albums really rock.  I only discovered Ronnie James Dio around the time that he died, so hearing some of his great early work now is kind of bittersweet.  I can't wait until Ozzie goes off on his solo career and Sabbath-Dio are born.

The other pleasant surprise is Judas Priest.  Like most rock radio station listeners, I had only heard their top couple of hits: Breakin' the Law and Living After Midnight.  Unfortunately, judging them on these songs is kind of like thinking you know Pink Floyd after hearing Another Brick in the Wall.  Some of their early stuff in the late 70s exhibits pre-groove-metal traits, and is some of the best coding music I've come across since Disturbed.  I challenge anyone who enjoys metal to listen to Stained Class all the way through on a good set of headphones, without tapping their foot at some point.  I often find myself typing to the guitar riffs, which is fast indeed.  Maybe I should expense the album to my employer...

All the new stuff from the last few months is synchronized onto the Android, my noise-cancelling headphones are packed, and I'm headed to Utah in a few hours.  The plane is gonna rock.

EDIT: Tejas and Weekend Warriors showed up with the mail, just in time.  I haven't listened to them yet, but they are syncing to the Android right now for the trip.

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