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13 October 2011

Applications: Choqok and Okteta

See Time For a Change for the first in this series, or view the index to see all the posts dealing with Arch Linux. After my fairly unchallenging triumph over ThinkOrSwim installation, I decided to ratchet things up in difficulty. I failed at that.

Twitter Client
I found Choqok to replace Gwibber for following Twitter. I didn't much like Gwibber at first, but I got used to it eventually. One thing I liked about it was that I could watch facebook and Twitter in the same client. Choqok only supports Twitter out of the box, which is kind of a bummer.

Installation is easy: pacman -S choqok

On first launch, Choqok complained that it had no Twitter account to listen to, and gave me a chance to authenticate with Twitter. After doing that, everything worked fine, showing the window we see here.

Hex Editor
Wait, that was too easy. Let's do another one. On Gnome-based Ubuntu, I use Bless as a hex editor. I could install that on KDE, but typing "hex" into the KDE Launcher search bar brings up something called Okteta. Running it, it turns out to be a very capable hex editor.

OK, that's about as easy as it gets. I was going to go for three, but ran into major problems getting Moneydance installed. So I'll leave that for next time.

Three down, seven to go!

  • PasswordSafe for secure password management
  • Moneydance for personal finance
  • ThinkOrSwim for option trading DONE!
  • Minecraft - thought this would be easy, but it crashed on my first attempt
  • Dropbox for cloud storage
  • Kontact for e-mail, contacts, and calendar
  • Choqok for micro-blogging (following and posting to Twitter) DONE!
  • NixNote for notes/personal organization
  • Okteta hex editor DONE!
  • Bacula for automated backups

  • Next: Moneydance
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